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The Fountainhead Session 12
We are discussing Ayn Rand’s epic novel The Fountainhead in one session per month in 2012 and 2013.

Jackie Hazelton

The Fountainhead, Part 3, Chapters 7, 8, & 9
Pages 496-523 in the Centennial Edition
Pages 511-539 in the Bobbs-Merrill hardback
Pages 470-495 in the Signet paperback

The Fountainhead

Part III – Gail Wynand
Chapter VII [pp. 511-520 Bobbs-Merrill hardback; pp. 470-479 Signet paperback]

1. Why does Dominique demand a big, formal wedding? Does she realize that Gail particularly does not want that? Is she trying to prevent him from making their marriage an exception to all his other marriages? Why or why not? [511-512;470-471]

2. Why does Gail then choose to arrange a hotel for Dominique until the wedding arrangements can be made? Why does she instead ask to immediately go to his penthouse? Why does he refuse?[512-513;471-472]

3. Why does Dominique want to see Wynand take some bit of pleasure in the wedding? Why does she think that would that place “the soul of the New York Banner in its proper element”? Why does Wynand seem so passive throughout the occasion? [513-514;472-473]

4. Why does Dominique suddenly decide to leave the reception when she learns that Wynand has declared the wedding off limits to Banner reporters? Would she have wanted Gail to suffer if she were completely indifferent to him? Why or why not? Why does he think passivity is not a good sign in Dominique? [514-516;473-475]

5. When Dominique thinks that “man was the life force and woman could respond to nothing else,” is she expressing Rand’s own theory of human sexuality? Do you think Dominique was responding to that “life force” or specifically to things in Wynand’s character? [516-517;475-476]

6. Are Toohey and Alvah Scarret worried about the same things in the letters the Banner is receiving? How does Toohey play Scarret’s worries about the Banner and about the New Frontiers’ attacks upon Wynand and the Banner? Does he manage to fool Scarret? [517-520;476-479]

Chapter VIII [pp. 521-530 Bobbs-Merrill hardback; pp. 479-488 Signet paperback]

7. Does Gail treat Dominique like a prize in his art collection? How so? What causes her to revolt against her condition? Why? [521-522;479-480]

8. Is Wynand proud of the Banner? Is Toohey sincere in his claim to be worried about Wynand’s apparently renewed happiness? [522;480-481]

9. Why is Dominique so eager to comply with Sally Brent’s scooping of the Wynand marriage? Is she honest in her story? Why would New Frontiers publish Brent’s story? [522-524;481-482]

10. Dominique says she will be proud to wear the diamond necklace purchased with the Banner’s earnings. Are her reasons and Wynand’s the same, do you think? [524;482-483]

11. Why does Dominique say the saved note on her mirror is appropriate? Why is Wynand so drawn to it so often? [524-525;483]

12. Is Dominique still punishing Gail? In what ways? Does she play rough? [524-528;483-486]

13. Gail surprises her with something that echoes her own sense of life. What is it? Then he says something else that disturbs her even more. Why? What is so especially disturbing about it? [524-530;483-488]

14. What form of treason does Dominique begin to recognize? Is it the same as Gail’s? Do you think this is a turning point in her approach to her life? [529-530;487-488]

Chapter IX [pp. 531-539 Bobbs-Merrill hardback; pp. 488-495 Signet paperback]

15. How is Gail different when he is away from the Banner? How does he think he knows that Dominique is not in love with him? [531-532;488-489]

16. In what one area does Gail admit to believing integrity is possible? Dominique seems to be hinting that she doesn’t believe him when he says he never had any integrity. What does she see and hear that might make her think that? [532-534;489-491]

17. What causes Dominique to decide suddenly to warn Gail about Toohey? Does Gail underestimate Toohey? Why doesn’t Dominique provide more compelling evidence of Toohey’s power to corrupt? [534-537;491-494]

18. Why does Dominique say that someday she’ll have to ask for Gail’s forgiveness? What is the thing that Dominique and Gail have in common that she can’t quite discern? Why does she now decide to discard the infamous cable from Gail? [537-539;494-495]

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