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I Am John Galt book by Donald L. Luskin and Andrew Greta
Video “I am John Galt: The Dangerous Flight for Freedom Today”
Talk by Donald Luskin at the 2012 Atlas Summit in Washington, DC

Jackie Hazelton

It’s been both a cry in the dark and a call to arms for generations of readers of Ayn Rand’s great novels–which brilliantly portray a world like ours, a world of both great achievement and great crisis.  This book answers that question.  I Am John Galt introduces you to the real-life titans who’ve lived their lives like Rand’s fictional heroes and the malefactors who’ve lived like her fictional villains.  The chapters include:
Chapter 1 The Individualist Steve Jobs as Howard Roark
Chapter 2 The Mad Collectivist Paul Krugman as Ellsworth Toohey
Chapter 3 The Leader John Allison as John Galt
Chapter 4 The Parasite Angelo Mozilo as James Taggart
Chapter 5 The Persecuted Titan Bill Gates as Henry Rearden
Chapter 6 The Central Planner Barney Frank as Wesley Mouch
Chapter 7 The Capitalist Champion T. J. Rodgers as Francisco D’Anconia
Chapter 8 The Sellout Alan Greenspan as Robert Stadler
Chapter 9 The Economist of Liberty Milton Friedman as Hugh Akston

Please read one chapter of the person/character you are most interested in so you can share your comments with the group.

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