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SATURDAY, August 17, 2013 7:00 PM Arrival Time

Movie “If You Could Only Cook”

Jim Kirk

Jim writes, for our meeting on August 17th we will be trying something new. Earlier this year I saw the 1935 film, “If You Could Only Cook.” The movie is a light-hearted romantic comedy, the sort sometimes called a screwball comedy. The leading actors are Herbert Marshall as the president of an automobile corporation, Jean Arthur as an unemployed young woman, and, as a charming gangster, the young handsome Leo Carillo (those of us who are older remember Carillo from 1950’s television as the older portly Pancho in ‘The Cisco Kid’).

What I found interesting about the movie is that as I watched it, some of the characters and situations began to remind me of characters and situations from Ayn Rand’s fiction. However, in my IMDb research I have found no connection whatever between Rand and anyone involved with this movie.

We will watch the movie and then we can discuss what each of us sees there, if anything. I won’t give any examples so everyone can watch without any bias coming from me.

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