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Objectivism for the Rest of Us
Proposed by Warren Van Egmond

Jackie Hazelton & Warren Van Egmond

Make a list of the Basic Principles of Objectivism. The list should be longer than Rand’s Objectivism standing on one foot but much shorter than the books on the topic. No more than one page. For example, the Trader Principle and the Non-Initiation of Force Principle would be included. What else? I think this will assist in answering the question posed below by Warren, “What does Objectivism … have to say to us?”

Rand’s chief characters are larger-than-life figures. They exemplify her ideal of
the heroic individual, struggling against all obstacles to achieve the highest
goals of which human beings are capable — inventing new things, building
great companies, and generally living outsized lives.

But most of us are not like that. We are quite ordinary people, usually working
as employees of other people, small cogs in the machines of large companies,
or perhaps as heads of small businesses and individual enterprises.

So what does Objectivism and Rand’s writings have to say to us?
How should we be living our lives in the light of what Rand has to say in her
novels and in her other writings? How do the principles of Objectivism
exemplified by Rand’s superheroes apply to the rest of us?

In this discussion we shall remember some of the “minor characters” in
Rand’s novels, and how they behaved and reacted in the shadow of the
great lives that the heroic characters were living, then ask what this
has to say about how “ordinary people” can live as Objectivists in a
world built around the “superman.”

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