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Business Ethics and Objectivism
Lecture 1: Stakeholder Theory
Audio CD of William Kline with ppt slides
Advanced Morning Course from the 2007 Summer Seminar
We will listen to the CD and discuss.

Jackie Hazelton

What is business ethics? The answer to this question may appear to change
with the issue under scrutiny. Ethics in Globalization, CEO pay, diversity,
wages, and the environment all seem to demand a case by case analysis. This
3-lecture course critically examines the two main theories of business ethics
Stakeholder theory and Stockholder theory and then offers an Objectivist
theory of business ethics as a superior alternative.

Stakeholder Theory
I. Description of Stakeholder Theory
A. Based on demographic conception of business
B. Fair representation of each stakeholder as highest moral goal.
II. Origins of Stakeholder Theory
A. Perceived problems with stakeholder theory and capitalism
B. Kant or Utilitarian theory
III. Problems
A. Replaces business decision making with political decision making
B. Lack of clear rights causes conflict

William Kline is the president and co-founder of the Center for Liberty
Studies. This fall, he started as an assistant professor in Liberal Studies
at the University of Illinois, Springfield. Dr. Kline holds a PH.D. in
Philosophy from Bowling Green State University and was a professor at Molloy
College and Central Michigan University.

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