SATURDAY, October 17, 2009 7:00 PM

Future Markets:  The Shape of Things to Come
Talk by Joan Foltz

Joan will give a presentation that she presented at the World Future
Society Conference in Chicago, July 2009.

This session will take a systematic look at what happened in the market
over the past year (what wasn’t reported), where we are at now, and what
forces are driving the future trajectory.  Brief scenarios will explore
trends, cycles, disruptions, and regulations that we can anticipate to
create shifts in the global market trajectory and what factors can
counterbalance those trends.  An updated assessment of the emerging
regions of the world will highlight potential risks, opportunities and
the strength of their long-term development.

The presentation will provide material on social and geopolitical forces
lurking on the horizon that will shape the future of the global economic
markets.  A discussion will follow for objectivists to express their
views on how the globalization and interconnectivity of the financial
system impacts the governance and political powers of domestic economic

Joan Foltz, economic futurist and principal of Alsek Research,
specializes in mapping the globalization of the market system as a
driver in the development of the World System. Also, publisher of Edgy
Economics, a newsletter that identifies the leading forces that
influence current market behavior and weigh on future structure.

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