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The Sanction of the Victims
Video Recording of the last talk Ayn Rand delivered on November 21, 1981.
Published in The Voice Of Reason, Chapter 15, Pages 149-157 and in
The Objectivist Forum, April 1982

Jackie Hazelton

In Rand’s final public talk, she exhorts a group of businessmen to stop
apologizing, and stop supporting anti-capitalist institutions:  “It is a
moral crime to give money to support ideas with which you disagree.  It is a
moral crime to give money to support your own destroyers.”  See how the force
of her ideas captivated an audience and drew a tumultuous response.

This is Ayn Rand’s last piece of writing.  She delivered the lecture in New
Orleans on November 21, 1981, before an audience of businessmen attending
seminars sponsored by the National Committee for Monetary Reform.  She was
planning to give it again at The Ford Hall Forum in Boston.  Leonard Peikoff
delivered it there in her stead on April 25, 1982, some six weeks after her

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