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Religion vs Self-Esteem
DVD Recording of Dr. Edwin A Locke on 11/07/2007
at Hilton Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa, CA
107 minutes with Q & A

Jackie Hazelton

Religion is almost universally regarded as crucial to achieving happiness.
Even critics of religion often concede that it helps people live more
fulfilling lives.  In this talk, Dr. Edwin A Locke argues that, far from
being a means to a successful life, religion is incompatible with a basic
need of human life: self-esteem.

Dr. Locke shows that religion undermines every essential precondition of
self-esteem: metaphysically, it declares that man is evil by nature;
epistemologically, it regards faith as superior to reason; ethically, it
advocates the “virtues” of obedience, altruistic duty and humility; and
politically and economically, it declares money-making to be sinful, and
demands some form of statism.

Indeed, religion attacks the quest for self-esteem by denouncing its primary
cause: pride.  This talk argues that pride is not a sin but a virtue, the
virtue of moral ambitiousness, and it is attained by constant adherence to
reason in the pursuit of moral perfection–a state which religion makes

Dr. Edwin A. Locke is Dean’s Professor (Emeritus) of Motivation and Leadership
at the R.H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College

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