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SATURDAY, April 17, 2010 7:00-7:30 PM Start Time

An Interview with Ayn Rand
Video tape of Ayn Rand being interviewed by
James McConnell at the University of Michigan in 1961

Jackie Hazelton

In February we viewed the last speech Rand made in 1981, the year before her
death.  Group members expressed the desire to see Rand when she was younger.
The earliest video recording of Rand that I could find was “An Interview with
Ayn Rand” by University of Michigan Psychology Professor James McConnell in
1961.  Rand was 56 years old.  She had published Atlas Shrugged in 1957, four
years prior.  She was still associated with the Brandens at the time of this

We will view the 30 minute interview and discuss Rand’s remarks.

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