Tuesday, June 3, 2008; 6:30 PM

Leader: Jackie Hazelton
Topic: Perennial Questions of Objectivism: Tape 4: Government vs Anarchy;
Audio Tape of David Kelley at the 2001 Summer Seminar

(from the Summer Seminar brochure) From the time that Ayn Rand first set forth Objectivism as a philosophical system, a small set of perennial questions have occupied the attention of
people with an intellectual interest in Objectivism. How is free will
compatible with the law of causality? Can all values be grounded in
survival-literal existence or non-existence-or must we introduce flourishing
as the ultimate moral goal? Is it possible to prove that it is always in our
interest to respect the rights of others? Such questions occupy the vast bulk
of discussion time on internet discussion lists, college bull sessions, and
other forums. In this six-unit course, David Kelley will discuss one question
per day. His goal is not to provide definitive answers, but to analyze why
these questions have proved so difficult for Objectivists. He will define the
issue, summarize arguments for the alternative views, and indicate what sort
of additional evidence or analysis would be required to resolve the issue.