SATURDAY, June 19, 2010 7:00-7:30 PM Start Time

Immigration based on the editorial comment
Illegal Means Illegal in Arizona Now
By William Thomas
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Jackie Hazelton

Jackie will review what Rand had to say about immigration and then lead a
discussion on the Thomas editorial comment.

The Atlas Society describes the editorial comment as follows.
“Arizona has enacted a law that makes illegal immigration to the U.S. a state
crime.  As the top state for border-crossings from Mexico (and so, the main
way station for illegal entry into the U.S.), Arizonans were tired of waiting
for the Federal Immigration and Naturalization Service to stem the tide of
illegal immigration into their state. They were also afraid that crime was
rising due to the presence of law-breaking illegals.”

“There has been an outcry against the law from the Obama administration,
Latino groups, and “progressives.” But let’s face it: illegal immigration is
illegal, isn’t it?”

“From his perch in Guatemala, the country of origin of many of America’s
illegals, William Thomas, The Atlas Society’s director of programs, parses
the immigration  problem, which has caused such passionate divisions in the
United States.”

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