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Explore Atlas Shrugged  Session 7
Podcasts and  discussion questions on Ayn Rand’s epic novel Atlas Shrugged
We will discuss the questions.

Atlas Shrugged, Part 2, Chapter 2 – Part 2, Chapter 3 (Part A)
Part 2: Chapter 2: The Aristocracy of Pull
Part 2: Chapter 3: White Blackmail (Part A)
Pages 352-406 in the larger Hardcover or Softcover
Pages 379-438 in the smaller Mass Market Paperback

These discussion questions and podcast were prepared by Diana Hsieh for for people interested in creating their own Atlas
Shrugged Reading Groups, as well as for anyone wishing to study the novel in
more depth. They may be freely used for the study and discussion of Atlas
Shrugged, provided that this paragraph remains intact in any reproduction.

The listed page numbers are for the larger edition, softcover or hardback.

Part 2: Chapter 2: The Aristocracy of Pull
Section 1 (379-382)
– What kind of person is Quentin Daniels?  How is he different from the
scientists Dagny interviewed earlier?  (380-1, 353)

Section 2 (383-387)
– What kind of deal did Hank Rearden and Ken Dannager make? What are the
risks? Why are they willing to take those risks? (383)
– Why is Lillian determined to attend James Taggart’s wedding with Hank?  Why
does Hank want to do anything but that? Why does Hank agree to attend?

Section 3 (387-392)
– How does Jim Taggart court Cherryl?  Why and how is she pained by it?

Section 4 (392-422)
– How and why the wedding party a major political event? How do Orren Boyle
and James Taggart think of and deal with other people, including each other?
– How and why does Lillian bring Hank as a present for Jim Taggart?  What does
she reveal about her aims with respect to her husband?  What is the
non-material recompense that Lillian wants from Jim? (398-400)
– How and why is Lillian repeatedly frustrated in her conversation with Dagny?
Why does Lillian want the bracelet of Rearden Metal back from Dagny?  Why
does Dagny respond as she does?  What is the significance of Hank’s response?
– Why doesn’t Dagny reproach Hank for appearing at the wedding with Lillian?
Why is Hank tortured?  How does that reflect their different views of their
relationship? (396-8, 403-4)
– What does Francisco mean in saying that an aristocracy of pull replaces an
aristocracy of money when a culture is freed from (in Taggart’s words) “the
stranglehold of the profit-chasers”?  (404)  Is that true?  How have we seen
that so far in the novel?
– What is Francisco’s response to the Biblical claims that “money is the root
of all evil” and that “love of money is the root of all evil”?  What are the
critical points that Francisco makes?  How does he connect money with
production and man’s mind?  How is money only a tool?  Why is the only
alternative to money brute force?  (410-5)
– Why is Hank so happy to see Francisco?  What is the significance of the
friendship to each man?  (415)
– Why does Francisco reveal the impending crash of D’Anconia Copper at the
party? Why does he want Hank Rearden to see the panic of the looters? How
does that crash connect to Francisco’s speech on money? (421-2)

Whole Chapter
– What is the significance of the title of this chapter?

Part 2: Chapter 3: White Blackmail
Section 1 (423-428)
– Why does Dagny take the attitude she does toward the fact that Hank is
married?  Why is seeing him suffer the worst part for her, not seeing him
with Lillian?  (425-6)
– Why does Dagny say that if one person’s pleasure must be bought at another
person’s pain that no trade should be done?  How would that apply to Hank’s
relationship with Lillian?  (425-6)  Should that apply to all relationships?

Section 2 (428-432)
– Why did Lillian suspect Hank of having an affair?  What kind of person does
she suppose his mistress to be?  Why?  (428-30)
– What is Lillian’s response to Hank’s affair? Why is she determined to remain
Mrs. Rearden? Why does Hank agree to that? (428-32)

Section 3 (432-438)
– What is Dr. Ferris’ manner of dealing with Hank Rearden?  What kind of
agreement is Ferris hoping to reach with Rearden?  What does Rearden choose
to do instead? (432-7)
– What does Rearden learn about the looters in his conversation with Dr.
Ferris?  (432-7)  Why does Ferris want people to break their laws?  (435-7)

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