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SATURDAY, October 16, 2010 7:00 to 7:30 PM Arrival Time

Brain Structure and the Objectivist Model of Consciousness
Guest Speaker Fred Stitt

Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Branden presented a useful model of human
consciousness at the NBI lecture series in New York.  They named three
components  of consciousness: Sensates, percepts, and concepts.

They described the input and some degree of processing of raw data from the
outside world as the sensate level of consciousness.  Sensates were
integrated by remembered similarities into percepts, and percepts were
identified, integrated and named as abstract concepts.  This conceptual level
of consciousness is the uniquely human mental state that defines our
existence as thinking beings–the core issue of Objectivist epistemology.

Brain science has identified specific components of the brain that handle
these broad divisions of mental functioning.  In the process, researchers
have identified the means we use to turn our cognitive consciousness off or
on.  (Some of this research is quite recent, over the past five years of

Ultimately, acquired skills of “voluntary consciousness” could be the key to a
transformation of human abilities to learn, solve problems, and take the
initiative in advancing the next stage of human evolution.

Fred Stitt, architect, author and Director of the San Francisco Institute for
Architecture, is a lifelong Objectivist and Libertarian.  Fred is organizing
the Free Minds Institute which will be an international on-line school
devoted to higher education for pro-reason, pro-freedom activists.

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