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Toward an Objectivist Aesthetics of Music

Video of Talk by Roger Bissell at Free Minds 2009
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Roger Bissell is a semi-retired musician and writer.  He began his professional career at age 14, and earned a Bachelor of Science in music theory and composition from Iowa State University in 1970 and a Master of Arts in music performance and literature from the University of Iowa in 1971.  Since college, Roger worked 14 years in Nashville, Tennessee and 25 years in Southern California, before returning to Nashville last summer; he has performed on thousands of concerts, club gigs, live television, radio programs, and recording sessions. His 1992 recording “The Art of the Duo” and his 2010 album “Reflective Trombone” are available as CD’s and digital downloads from CD baby, iTunes, and Amazon.com.  Roger has also written and lectured on various philosophical and psychological issues during the past 40 years, publishing in “Reason” and “Individualist” magazines and such journals as “Objectivity”, “Reason Papers”, and “Journal of Ayn Rand Studies”, and has presented to gatherings held by Equitarian Associates, The Objectivist Center, Free Minds, and others.  In addition to his book in progress on false alternatives in philosophy, he is engaged in a long-term project of analyzing emotional content of American popular songs and Classical themes and applying his research to help listeners and musicians achieve a more satisfying musical experience.  Roger’s essays can be found on his personal website http://www.rogerbissell.com.

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