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Explore Atlas Shrugged Session 19
Podcasts and  discussion questions on Ayn Rand’s epic novel Atlas Shrugged
We will discuss the questions.

Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, Chapter 8
Part 3, Chapter 8: The Egoist
Pages 1070-1125 in the larger Hardcover or Softcover
Pages 993-1035 in the smaller Mass Market Paperback

These discussion questions and podcast were prepared by Diana Hsieh for
ExploreAtlasShrugged.com for people interested in creating their own Atlas
Shrugged Reading Groups, as well as for anyone wishing to study the novel in
more depth. They may be freely used for the study and discussion of Atlas
Shrugged, provided that this paragraph remains intact in any reproduction.

The listed page numbers are for the larger edition, softcover or hardback.

Part 3, Chapter 8: The Egoist
Section 1 (1070-1076)
– What is the initial reaction of the looters to the broadcast before Dagny speaks?  (1070-2)  What does she say to them?  (1072-4)  How do they react?  What does she learn about them? (1073-6)

Section 2 (1076-1078)
– Why does Eddie say that he wouldn’t turn John Galt over to the looters to save the railroad?  What does that say about his loyalties?  (1078)
– Why doesn’t Dagny go on strike after hearing Galt’s speech?  What does she hope to gain by remaining in the world?  What does Eddie understand that she does not? (1078)

Section 3 (1078-1086)
– How does the government respond to Galt’s radio speech?  What do ordinary people think and do?  What does that show? (1078-84)
– What does Mr. Thompson say he wants in his meeting with Dagny?  What are his true motives?  How does he manipulate her?  (1084-6)

Section 4 (1086-1096)
– Why does Dagny decide to seek out John Galt?  What risk is she taking?  Why is she willing to take it?  (1086-9)
– Why must Dagny take the looters’ side when Galt is captured by them?  (1090-2)  Is such deception moral? Why would Galt kill himself if the looters tortured Dagny?  (1091)
– How does Galt’s apartment — the laboratory versus the garrett — represent the either-or choice confronting the world?  (1092-3) – What do the government representatives demand of John Galt? What is his response? (1095-6)

Section 5 (1097-1105)
– What does Mr. Thompson offer Galt?  Why does Galt reject all of these offers?  What kind of deal would Galt consider?  (1098-1104)
– Why doesn’t Galt take power and then attempt to outsmart the looters?  What would the results of that be?  (1104)

Section 6 (1105-1119)
– Why don’t any of the looters want to talk to John Galt?  How do their different reasons reveal their characters?  (1106-8) Why does Dagny refuse to speak to Galt?  (1108-9)
– What does Dagny think of the looters now?  What does she think about the world?  What does she think about her work?  Why doesn’t she go on strike yet?  (1108-11)
– What is Jim Taggart’s response to John Galt?  How is it distinctive?  (1111-3)
– What is Galt’s reaction to the Chick Morrison’s pleas for pity for the weak and to Floyd Ferris’ threats of mass murder?  Is he right to respond as he does?  (1113-4)
– Why does Eddie volunteer to go to San Francisco?  What does he think Dagny will do in the meantime?  What does Dagny offer him?  Why does he refuse?  Why can’t he start over?  (1116)
– What happens to Dr. Stadler as he prepares to meet and then speaks to Galt?  Why is the meeting so traumatic for him?  What is the significance of what he says, including the change as speaks?  (1116-9)

Section 7 (1119-1125)
– Why are the looters willing to risk a public appearance by John Galt?  (1119-25)
– What does Dagny experience at the banquet unveiling the John Galt Plan?  What does she come to understand about the looters — and why?  What has she decided?  (1121-1124)

Whole Chapter
– What is the significance of the title of this chapter?


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