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Promoting Objectivity for Science and Ethics
Video of Milo Schield’s Presentation At FreeMinds 2009

Jackie Hazelton

Objectivity is at the core of Objectivism.  In the Introduction to The Art of Reasoning, David Kelley writes, “Objectivity in this context means staying in touch with the facts.  It means guiding our thought processes by a concern for the truth.  To some extent, objectivity is a matter of choice: the choice not to indulge in wishful thinking, not to let bias or prejudice distort our judgment.”

Please think about:
1. How do you ensure you are being objective in your life?
2. What hinders your ability to be objective?
3. What can you do to be more objective?
4. How can you encourage other people to be objective?

Milo Schield is a Professor at Augsburg College and Director of the W. M. Keck Statistical Literacy Project.  He founded the MIS program at Augsburg and took it to be the seventh largest major within six years. He served as the chair of the Department of Business Administration for three years.  Earning a physics degree from Iowa State University, an M.S. in physics from the University of Illinois, and a Ph.D. in space physics from Rice University, Schield worked on the Apollo project at North American Aviation and on satellite data analysis at the University of Iowa. After starting several businesses, he worked as a management consultant for a national CPA firm and as an operations analyst at the St. Paul Insurance Companies before coming to Augsburg.  Dr. Schield presents the following slides.

I. Claim #1: Objectivism has Strengths
II.Claim #2: Objectivism has Weaknesses
III. Claim #3: Truth & Value Issues are Increasingly Divisive
IV. Claim #4: The Objectivist Epistemology Promotes Objectivity
V. Claim #5: Develop Evidence-Based Inductions in Science and Ethics
VI. Marketing Recommendations: Find Something Overlooked to Sell
VII. Forming Sound Generalizations Require Objectivity
VIII. Solution or Resolution of the Problem of Induction
IX. Finding Objectivity is a Personal Journey
X. To Be Successful Evangelists, Objectivists Need To…

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